Outback Barbecue

The Clementi company presents a new versatile barbecues line for a domestic use.

Do You love Barbecue?

It Will be even funnier to cook mixed grill with your friends, using our BBQ range inspired by the far West

outback barbecue

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10 Item(s)

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Clementi Outback Barbecues

Still very actual, the barbecue ritual, is re-proposed today with the use of modern and technological instruments, in its simplicity of cooking, it recovers and actualizes the primitive dimension of our culinary history.

Word which derived from barbacoa, with whom indigenous people of Caribbean called the wood grill fixed to some trunks, or maybe from french "de la barbe à la queue" which means to cook entirely an animal skewering it with the spit "from the beard to the tail". Discover the outback bbq sale

The Clementi company presents a versatile barbecues line, designed for a domestic use. The capacity of cooking every kind of food in a simple and quick way finds its frame in an elegant and functional design, all barbecues are equipped by some grills and an ash-collecting drawer.

CLEMENTI barbecues use as fuel both wood (Flipper model) and charcoal (Carbon model): the former gives a particular flavor to food, which changes according to the essence you use, while the latter is more used in the quick cookings.