Wood fireplaces

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Clementi wood fireplaces

The wood fireplace has represented the most diffused heating method and it has been an indispensable object for the normal conduct of domestic activities in the houses of our grandparents, especially when the cold season arrived.

Clean and cheap energy source, today has found a new youth thanks to the research of new technologies and the employment of new materials.

Wood fireplaces, realised by the CLEMENTI company, present a diversified range of innovative kinds whose common denominator is the particular attention to efficiency, reliability and money-saving.

In the range of Clementi wood fireplaces you can find some models in order to warm both with air and water, to link to the radiators plant.


In order to make the right choice, it is useful to know that the "medium heatable surface" shown on the heaters and thermostoves data sheet of this site has been calculated by referring to a recently built housing unit. This is a factor influenced by many external factors that need to be carefully evaluated before choosing the product that best suits your needs.

So it is important to consider:

  • • The geographic location of the house and its climatic area.
  • • The volume in m3 to be heated (keep in mind that by way of illustration the energy needs of a house is 45 Watt/m3 to the North of Italy, 40 Watt/m3 to the Center of Italy and 35 Watt/m3 to the South of Italy).
  • • In case of hydro products, the characteristics of the existing water-heating system (eventually sources of heat already in use, model of central heating and quantity of water in the system).
  • • The number of floors to be heated.
  • • The type of insulation of the building.
  • • The type of windows installed.

To receive a personalized advice and find the optimal solution is therefore important to always consult your dealer or installer, or directly our company, it will be possible to buy the product most suitable to heat your home with maximum confort and maximum money-savings.